Sunday, March 30, 2014


The true self is emerging
It find’s that it is time
For the soul has heard the calling
And it’s time to find those wings and fly

There was this cocoon you were in
that needed to ever slowly grow
and it has finally come to maturity and knows
how to emerges to the light of the soul

And there is a butterfly so beautiful
That can find it’s wings and be
The breath of God’s mystery
With a brief time here before it’s free

That power that creation births
gives this miracle of energy we need
and the gift of time and space in form
will lead us to a new life when we are ready to be free

and this life continues on and on
in a never ending dance of life
with the birthing and dying
til with the birthing again and again we find

There is this precious gift of life
That God’s love gives us
And although sometimes it’s hard to see
This life and spirit goes on continuously

And the true self is emerging
And there is a cocoon that held us here in time
While we were learning and growing
How to become that beauty of a  butterfly