Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yes, I accept Love

Yes, I accept the healing power of love
I accept and allow myself to relish
In the receiving of this love
For this love is who I am

I open my heart up to this moment of healing
To find the joy of being
an instrument of God’s love

And that as I accept the goodness that I am
I am able to see that goodness is there
And alive with in the God in all of us

I breathe this love in
And embrace it
For I am worthy of this love                                                                           
For I am Divine love

His love is always present
It is always a choice I can choose to make
And so I choose to live with love

I deserve love and I serve love
And So I accept I have the Power
To be God’s Living Love
And so love the life I live.

Yes, right Here and Now
Love is present
And I am that Love