Monday, April 7, 2014


Forgive all of the past
And any of the hard lessons
that you learned brought you here
to this present moment of awareness that appears

Forgive the ones who you felt hurt you
And the ones who never cared
Forgive and forgive again
Until only love remains

And then find the core of the heart
With the power to reclaim
The love that can redeem you
And heal the ancient scars and pain

And you can be transformed
For from the winter spring does come
And the blossoms of the new season
bring you reasons to let that past be done

And now is the time to be happy
And now is the time to be free
And now is the time to fulfill your true purpose
And let your new life become your destiny

Emerge from the cause and effect
To the light of a bright new day
And let the Spirit cleanse you
And let Good will guide your way.

For there is a Breathe of Hope you can breath
And there is the sound of a new song
And there is a new beginning
on this path of eternal light that has begun