Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Language of Light

There is a language of Light
That is a myriad of creations energy you can find
carried on brilliant rays of vibrations
with frequencies through all of space and time

There is a way that light can speak to you
If you just listen in silence
And tune in to the subtle energy
 That can take you to the sublime

All this sacred beauty that life sings
Is but a reflection of the eternal sound
The colors of Creation brings
from energy where the higher realms are found

And we can speak the language
And we can search for the words
And we can translate the beauty
That in silence can be heard

And you can sing the song
And you can dance to the rainbows music so divine
And you can hear the song that sings
To the universal sources sounds

And it will lift you up to heaven
with a promise from the mystic realms
And will in time lead you
The secrets of the Language of the soul

And there’s a way to whisper messages
if love is your instrument you hold
And an open heart that can truly hear
The master that speak to you
That intoxicates the senses
As serve the magic that the soul shares

and this magic language of light
leads us to discover the inspiration
that fulfills our purpose here
in this chorus in harmony with all of life