Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Red Moon

Say yes to the Magic of the Universe
As it sings a mystic tune
For there is a mystic wind calling
With the light of a blood red moon

And the clouds dance across the sky
And drape it in veils of mystery
That hypnotizes the mind to be aware
Of the power in the connection of the universal need

For there is Magic in the presence
That is alive in the colors that veil the moon
And there are circles of cosmic energy
That draw us to be aligned and free

There is an energy that brings us the movie of life
And the interaction we all feel
With the earth, the moon and the light
And the inner power of love we seek

Do you hear this calling
as the wind speaks with such a mystery
As the full moon is eclipsed
and we are in the center to be free

Say Yes to the magic
And listen to  the mystic tune
And gaze in wonder at the beauty
At the energy of a blood red moon