Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the Love of Loves

Commit to the Heart of Hearts
Commit to the energy of the  soul
Open to the Love of Loves
That is waiting for you to own

Open so carefully the Gifts
That are packaged in this Body and the mind
So it can joyfully hold
The power to release the truth it finds

So precious this blossoming of life
So many blessings waiting to unfold
There is a power in being yourself
That will bring the true being forth to know

The commitment to loving what you do
The commitment to caring how you show                                            
The way you to use the spirit
So you may create with Love and grow

For it is with Love we build what matters
For all matter will dissolve in time
And the gifts of creation with Love that will last
And live forever to serve humankind

So know the joy of creation
And commit to the heart of hearts
to build your life and what you do
And let love guide you as you find a way to renew

To fulfill the purpose of this life
To share the blessings that you are
To live with love in your life
And to commit to serve and to really care