Thursday, April 17, 2014

in tune with the Universe

You can be in tune with the Universe
And the power of  one Light
The very source of all creation
Is alive and there to experience inside

And what you do with this gift
And what you choose to perceive
Is up to you to decide
And is based in how much you believe

So open up your heart
And let the love light in
And let the soul connect you
To power of God within

Be in tune with the universe
and the magic that is alive
and find that perfect energy
that aligns you with the One Universal mind

life does not have to be a struggle
when you connect with the energy of the source
and when you are in tune with the universe
you can be able to comprehend what you are here for

So let the power of the presence
Be alive in your soul
And let the soul guide you
To discover the way to know

How to let life be a blessing
So you can share the beauty you find
And you can be in tune with the Source of all
And help to serve humankind