Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Prayer

Dear Lord
On this Good Friday my prayer is sent to you
So you can help us finish up the work needed
As you find a way to redeem us
with your presence forth in all we are to do

Bring that pure light to our vision
So we can see past the darkness and illusion here
So that Christ light you carry
be in our spirit and minds can be clear

Let the love behind the love of all
That is the very source of God energy
Come into heart and soul
So we may understand and grow

And allow this great love to guide us
to live with compassion and forgiveness
 for ourselves and our fellow man
as we continue to plant the seeds you sowed

And may we set aside our egos
And realize the power of good that comes
When we learn the power of God’s pure love
 that can redeem our hearts and  so grow

to be able to serve you humbly
and let the grace you grant truly show
the blessings of this holy spirit
and the message you bring us so we may know

how to serve this love and light
and help to bring us peace within                                                               
so that the world will find a way
to let a higher will be in control

And so we bow in gratitude to you
And the blessed Mother and the Angels too
And all those who help with the work  you began
In the presence of great I am that I am