Saturday, April 19, 2014


From the Star that was born
of the One creations breath
Comes the time of transformation
At the gift of our rebirth

This light of God’s pure energy
lives within the soul of you
This is the power of the Christ’s love
That we discover eternally renews

For we are the resurrection and the way
A priceless gift that we inherited
from the sacrifice that was made
so long ago  when the path to heaven was laid

And we are given this blessing that is given
By the Masters who guide us to the one
We are just asked to believe
And to open our hearts to live forever on

the living Light of God is alive inside of you
And we can be transformed by this energy
And we can build a new body of light
Formed with the love we give in life

and this Grace that God brings
Holds a Holy Spirit so we can be
Able to open our hearts and souls
To the power that blesses us to live eternally

And we become the living love of perfect energy
For he has taught us how to be
With the presence of God’
with gift of transformation if we just believe

so at Easter morning we watch the rising sun
we open up our Hearts and souls
and we find the power of the one
that shares the blessings to come

and we merge with this sacred energy
for we are the resurrection and life
that was given to us by Christ
so long ago when that great Light came to life