Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Breathe a new Breath of Light
Reveal you heart of heart to Receive
the birthing of the Presence to find
God’s love in you is complete

And we awaken to the infinite Grace of Being
This cosmic breath that brings such hope
With a beloved embrace of acceptance
and compassion holding us in this perfect love

And our heart beats to the Cosmic calling of oneness
And our illusions of separation are washed away
And the Ones who hold the doorway to truth open
Usher us into a brand new Day

This was the promise made
This is the divine plan
And our souls have always held this destiny
And our life has always been drawn ever on

To be redeemed, to be restored, to be one with God,
through the Christ and so that we may
serve this infinite love and light
With each breath and each heartbeat of life we create

And so we say Happy Easter
And so we celebrate this day
And so we find great joy
In being alive with the presence of the Grace of God today