Monday, April 21, 2014

The Vision

The Whole Picture

Oh to view the whole picture
Of this magnificent tapestry of life
We remove ourselves out of the egos control
Into the power of the vision of the soul

To understand what is really happening in our life
We reach into the heart of hearts
To feel what the spirit at the core of everything
Can tell us is what is what love needs

So Listen, listen closely to the heart
Behold the vision of the overview to know
We are here to allow the divine presence to be
Alive inside of us so we can really feel and see

How we are part of the greater picture of life
Part of the universal heart and mind
That is eternally alive in us
And invites us to drink from the chalice of light

Merge with the vision of the master plan
Let the heart symphony sing through you
to serve the will for greater good
and so bring light and love to our fellow man