Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We can Choose how we wish to be

I breathe in the peace from the infinite source of creation
I breathe in the light of the one love
I breathe in the power to be
the living light of God’s Great Love

                         For I am here to express the soul
And to bring the awareness
To my mind so that I can choose
How to live with the God’s Presence and be renewed

And so I become the energy of Pure Being
Merged with the body, mind and emotions
And so I can smile and see the beauty
in this exquisite pallete of God’s creation

And when I spin out of control
And when the ego wishes to use me
I can always stop for a moment
And breathe in Peace and know

I am able to choose Love
I have a place of Peace inside
And there is always the choice to stop
and let God be in control

and so I say Thank You God
and so I find the strength to be
the living of love of God’s perfect energy.