Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The clouds of Heaven

Under the clouds of Heaven
Standing on the velvet green of spring
Comes a breath of the angels presence
with the message the Master brings

Dawn is breaking on this Island
And the song of the guardians can be heard
And there is a silent calling
Of the sacred self to be observed

And love is alive in this moment
And the energy of light is seen
And the precious blessings can be accepted
As the heart opens and God’s love is revealed

The perch to heaven is here right now                                                            
And the great wings of the angel spread across the sky
For the Soul of light has spoken
And you there is great Joy now inside

And you are welcomed to a brand new dawn
And you can fly so high
And touch the robe of the Lord of love
And be blessed with spirit that is alive

And you look up at the Magic
And feel the power of God has come
And you breathe in all the love and light
To find new hope that comes as Heaven touches earth again