Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bringing Heaven to Earth

How would you capture the highest vision of Heaven
And bring that vision to earth to be seen
What breath of life can hold the inspiration
the enlightenment of the Gift of Creation can be

This pure energy of God’s being
That is given to us to become
For it was a sacred promise made by the Master
And we are the bridge that brings it home

We are the form in action
that carries this rainbow of light
a perfect imperfect of the reflection
of the cosmic birth of space and time

and if we can open up our hearts
and believe with the power of our soul
we can be here right here and now
alive with the power of the promise made so long ago

For the stardust of the Universe
was scattered through space and time
and the atoms that hold this energy
are charged with the love divine

and we are the breath of being
we are the promise to be fulfilled
to be able to being heaven to earth
and fulfill that promise of rebirth

And to be alive in this perfect moment
and  receive the blessings that are yours and mine
When we bring spirit into our lives
And live with Love divine