Friday, April 25, 2014


The Timeless Heart of Hope

There is a timeless Heart of Hope
That burns with an eternal flame
And when it may seem there can be no reason
For what happens in life it still remains

And with each moment and each breath of life
We remember the promise to believe
In what might be a greater reason
For a deeper plan in life that we might see

And there is a always a flicker of that hope
That can not be denied
And the spirit of amazing grace can come
And bring us a new vision to find

And there can be a blossoming of the flower of hope within
And the heart can be healed
And forgiveness  reveal
                 A greater purpose for which we came

For there is a timeless Heart of hope
Born in the seeds of dark and light
That brings us blessings when we most need
The path to find a better life.

So do not lose faith my friend
And never get lost in despair
there is no beginning or ending
                 For creations dream is always there

                  And with every turning of the wheel
And with each breaking of a new day
There is this sacred energy of life that comes
To show us how to find a better way

And the timeless heart of hope
Will call you to find a reason to believe
And you will emerge to the opening
to forgiveness, and find faith and hope is revealed