Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Keys to the kingdom

All the holy messengers are gathered
as the doorway opens to a brighter day
and the Angels smile with kindness
and the keys to the kingdom our in our hands today

this is the time of Revelations
for this a new vision to be seen
this is a time of celebration
the joy the teachings bring

and there have been lessons given
and there have been ways to set you free
from the ones who wish to use you
and are not aligned with the mission you see

And there are these sacred moments
When spirit finds the soul that can receive
And the vision of the Masters come
And the world is ready for a higher energy

And so we accept our guidance
And we learn what works and what is right
And we smile as the angels do
As we see the dance of dark and light

And the seeds have all been planted
in the light fields of the higher realms
and there are those who are there to join us
to help to share the blessings of the path we’re on

and the holy messengers are all gathered
and the door is open and the light shines in
and the heart feels the love given
as the wheel of life does spin

and those who are ready join together
to help to guide others on the way
for the time is here and the path is clear
as we usher in the new day.