Sunday, April 27, 2014

for the Earth

I look up to greet the sky on this Earth Day
And I look out to this Exquisite creation
The fresh green of this magnificent earth
The trees reaching up to heaven and the sun
The flowers of such beauty that blossom from aina we’re from

The constant motion of the blue
 rhythm of the oceans
the winds that carry spirit
and blow the clouds that  dance across the sky

So sacred are the waters
The streams that bring us water each day
The oceans that host the fish, dolphins, whales
That swim in waters of Earth and play

And The Winged ones who come greet us
As they fly across the sky and sing their precious songs
The dogs, cats and horses and the four legged ones
 Who have longed roam across this Earth’s home

And we have such a responsibility                                                                 
 to be Guardians of this blessed place we live
that feeds us and gives us life to be
and celebrate the Earth Day

and  we try to remember how might preserve
all the precious resources that are given to us to use
and all the ways we need to protect this planet
and this sacred aina that we should serve

And I say a little prayer today
For the healing of this Planet
And all the cycles it goes through
And I say thank you to all who work
To save and protect the planet too
from all the thoughtless things and harm we do