Monday, April 28, 2014

The pleasures of Heaven

The Simple Pleasures of Heaven

If we can just stop for a moment upon waking
And say Yes to this life we are given to live
And enjoy all the blessings that are present
And waiting for us when we are open to what Spirit gives

For the simple pleasures of Heaven
Are right here with us to enjoy
When we open are arms and embrace them
 and receive our  true purpose to employ

For in the secret place where we put
The things most precious to us in life
There we can find the place to put Yes
and receive the energy of the source of light

there we can find the joy we need
to call upon so we can believe
this life is not to be full of heaviness
and the darkness that illusions can bring

And we can strip off that cloak of maya
And stand naked in morning sun and the energy it brings
to let the power of the source free you
To enjoy this life you lead

And approach the day with anticipation
For whatever may come your way
And allow the time to stop and see the beauty
That can inspire you and feed your soul
so you may smile from the soul
When you connect with the perfect energy
That comes from the higher realms
And brings heaven here to Earth in radiant rays

Embrace this precious moment
And breathe in the essence of the presence
Breathe it in and know
You have the power to create your dreams
 and grow into your true self as a blessed child of God
And there are those who will support you
For you are surrounded by guardians here
Who will help and guide you
to be the light and love you truly are
and enjoy the pleasures of heaven here