Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Cloak of Mercy

A cloak of grace is offered
As creations robe from this majestic cloud
Of Pink, purple and silver rays
That drapes my soul with the mercy I allow

And I fall upon my knees and pray
And I reach deep into my heart
And surrender to the love that can redeem us
And help us to find a new way

And we breathe in this gift
 of which the song of heaven sings
And we wish to merge with it
And become that spirit we find in everything

we try to understand the miracles
That somehow this grace brings
And when we finally can observe it
There is so much mercy that we really need

To release our judgments
 and all that might tangle up our mind
til we find we need God’s mercy and forgiveness
to know there is a higher path to find

For with time we learn and grow
And that we always have that choice to be
With the living grace of God
And the mercy that brings such great Blessings