Thursday, May 1, 2014

A prayer for May

Feed my soul with your Inspiration
Pour the sweet nectar of light upon my soul
So I may feed my heart with a grace
That frees me of all doubt so I may understand and know

And I may be able to receive blessings
 from that sacred place where Creation light was born
and brings a precious energy so abundantly given
alive here  on earth and for us to give and take

May use this power to reflect
Your perfect peace and harmony
That is present in Heaven
So it can be brought to Earth here

May I given the strength to stop and take the time
To remember what is truly important in Life
And what my mission is to serve love divine
May I see the absolute beauty of your Creation
That comes from the source of all space and time

May I realize that I always have a choice to make
As to how we are able to use spirit in my life
And that I can choose to be in your presence
And be a channel of Divine Love

And find a way to do whatever it takes
To be a joyful channel centered in your light and love
And I can work with ease and Peace
To achieve my purpose and goals in life
And with the power I am given
I can fulfill my destiny

So I thank you lord for the beauty
And the inspiration I find each day
And for all the people who work together
To bring the blessed teachings given in life each day