Friday, May 2, 2014

the Pallette of Life

This pallete of life is our canvas
In the precious moment of time
And we can awake to the mystery and the magic
That is so seductive and divine

And we are able to use the energy of presence
With every breath we take
We can be here right now
With the blessings as we co-create

The essence of the presence
Which is there to use for free
is here within our soul
and has such infinite possibilities

as we express the beauty of God’s creation
we can become a channel of light
and share the inspiration that comes
when we are aware of the essence of life

And right there within us
we hold the sacred keys
that lead us into the kingdom
and be transformed by the love we feel

This life is our palette to paint
With Light and the power of intent
And we can create a masterpiece each day
And share love in every moment
 with what we say and do