Saturday, May 3, 2014

It is Here

It is here,
with each vision you are able to receive
there is a way to create your dreams
and you really can make them into a reality

When you are given a mission
And you really are clear
There is always a way to follow
The path that will lead you there

With a focus on the goal
And a mind willing to embrace and learn
You’ll find new horizons that will open
And a greater good that will bring returns

It is here and now
That you are given the energy to be
And when you focus on the goal
You’ll find the direction which you need to go

You can accomplish what your mission is
And what you are guided to do
And little by little with persistence you will find
What you have dreamed will come true

And you will wake up one day
And you will be amazed to find it is here,
 and you have accomplished what your purpose is
for which you were born to do