Sunday, May 4, 2014

experience God

Experience God 
Experience God
In this precious time
you’ve been given here on earth.
Experience God’s gifts
That allow you to ask to
Understand All of the Mysteries of the Universe.
And Gives you the Key.
The door is there for you to Unlock with Christ’s Love.

For the earthly senses are limited
And Christ’s love Holds a universal vibration
that allows you to Experience God.
In an Infinite Dimension of Light.

It is a Universe that is so beyond the Conscious mind
That only God’s Consciousness could Comprehend its meaning.

So come to me and open your Heart to Love.
And experience God through my love.
Come and open your Mind
To a universe that is ancient beyond words
And eternally radiating the force
 that God’s Energy carries.
Experience the Absolute,
The perfect birth of the infinite at work.

And bring this experience with a humble
 heart to your life, to your breath, to your being.
To your dedication and devotion
Understanding how far we have come to the Birth of a new dimension
Of being that can be brought to life
Through the experience of God.

And if you understand you may see
how we are all part of the evolution of the Way.
And if you allow me to open the door for you to this Love
God has given you and to the Light I am
You may experience God.