Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Form and Spirit, Spirit an Form

Where does the energy from each Breath you take go
As you  co-create with God’s energy in your life
As you learn and grow and find a way
To share the love you come to know.

For if you were to stop and take a moment
to realize that all of life is an exchange
A constant flow of give and take
Given to all here to use and claim

Just as the waves come to the shores
And then return back to the sea
So each breath of spirit
Is a gift that we can use to share and to be

A way to express the gifts we’re given
A chance to embrace your life and see
You can manifest your dreams
and fulfill your souls Destiny

for with every thought and every action
you are creating the way you choose to live
as co-creator using Spirit’s energy
and receiving the blessings that it gives.

For each and every breath
Holds the gift of this precious light
And as we become aware of the power of this energy
We can use it to share in our creations in life

You are the living Energy of God
You are light and love in manifesteing here
Spirit in Form, form using spirit
To receive God’s Blessings in the way we live