Wednesday, May 7, 2014

this Gift

Take in a Deep Breath of Heaven
Take a moment to just be 
Present in the miracle of this now moment
and aware of the Beauty that I see

Breathe in the living energy
Of the light that is alive right there in you
Let it fill your body and mind, and heart
And  feel this pure power to heal and renew

Clear any past negative energy
that needs to be released
surround yourself in radiant rainbows of light
colors of  such beauty that bring peace.

Breathe in the magic of radiant violet,
feel the shades of rose and peach as a base
let the healing emerald green in your heart
and turquoise and sky blue in your throat
with the wisdom of Gold as a crown on top

Restore your heart, invite your soul
To be present inside of you
Let this loving energy bring it’s power forth
So you can see the blessings given are true

Greet Father Sky with your arms outstretched
To the heavens that are oh so high
Embrace the love of Mother Earth
And send healing energy that is alive

Thank the beauty of this sacred place
The oceans and all the waters of life it brings
The living grace of trees the exquisite beauty of the flowers
and our guardians the four legged ones and the blessed birds that sing

breathe deep the spirit that feeds the soul
the pure energy of creation of love and light
I’m so grateful for this gift of life