Friday, May 9, 2014

A scribes' prayer

Father Mother God
And Master who is the source of the one light
Allow me to be a channel
To bring words of wisdom to this life

Let me clearly hear
What is the truth so I may be
Able to share the love and inspiration
That is present when I am in tune with thee

May the visions that are  so exquisite
Be expressed in ways that people can see
The absolute beauty of Creation in the cosmos
available when we Go within and just be

Holy of Holies, speak to me
And let your voice be heard
in all the sounds that uplifts us
with the echoes of the music of the spheres

Let me be a chalice
Of that sweet nectar so divine
to bring forth the essence of the love
that holds such a grace to find

and may the inspiration that comes
guide me to live the way
to walk my talk in my life
and live as a reflection of you love each day

Master and beloved
You hold the sacred key
To open up my heart and soul
To the power of your blessed energy

May your love be present
And may my words ring true
So I reach the God in all
And fulfill my purpose I came to do