Saturday, May 10, 2014

Building a Nest

Building a Nest in Heaven

Let’s build a nest in Heaven
From this paradise we’re given on Earth
With twigs of joy and gratitude
And  the blessings we find as we search

Here in the stillness that is present
Before the crack of dawn
There is gathering of angels
the beloved messengers of the One

And the birds begin their calling forth
As they fly from their perches on high
So familiar with the realms of heaven
As they watch over this space here in time

And they build a nest this morning
Right there before my eyes
Happily they search and gather
Their own place to rest from flight

And we can build an inner nesting place
Right here in our heart and soul
A sacred core and a resting place
That is safe and we can go

And this Planet is a perch to Heaven
It is made of atoms and forces of energy
All part of the dust of the cosmos
A second home where we  create our dreams

And we can build a nest here
And we can use the tools given us to use
While we build our inner connection to spirit
We connect with Heavens grace to be renewed

And one day we will pass over
To the realms of the other shore
And we will find the tools of love waiting
when we open heavens doors