Sunday, May 11, 2014


 Revelations come in so many ways
Experienced and reflected as above so below
For this body and all it’s senses,
gives to us so much that we may know.

In the magic of a moment
There are no words to can quite capture
The intimate relationship we have with our soul
And how we might all it’s presence to know

Life will express these revelations
When we are ready to see
and what we comprehend
is what leads us to what will be revealed

There is the light we are led to
And it draws us ever on
There is the calling that we hear
as we listen to the silence so profound

and so revelations are given to us
Right in the here and now
Are we ready to recognize and receive it
And then believe it somehow

And we can not own it
For it is unified with all
And as we become able respond
We all can benefit and grow