Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pieces of the Dream

Pieces of a sacred dream were scattered ,oh so long ago
And the angels watched and waited
For those dreams to be built and to grow

And now we see across the waters
 To the other shore
Where a holy light that shines out to see
A welcoming beacon from that long lost dream

And pieces of the dream were planted, oh so very long ago
And they were seen as a vision by so many
And for some the dreams have grown
and for many have gotten weary waiting and they have gotten old.

And there are those who have given up hope
Ever finding the new world while here
For we have been oh so busy trying to survive
 and could not see that it was drawing near

But now look out across to the horizon
Can’t you see it’s shining so Bright
And the vision is reflected
On the wings of the dove of light

And the guardians have watched and waited
For so very long for this day
And they have sent messengers forth
To herald the coming of the way

They have seen what happened
When the ones who had plundered came
And stole the treasures of the city
To use for there very own gain

And the pieces of the dream were planted
In our hearts and in our souls
And the visions of the new world were seen
By the one who remembered what they were once told

Yet finally the land of light is drawing near
And all those who have watched and waited
Are now ready for it to appear.
So get join with the new world servers
And the new day has finally come