Saturday, May 24, 2014

the firefly's dream

Remove the thought of not
For the new bright Day is here
And there is the firefly that breathes a magic
And lands upon the visions that are spinning
And weaving a way to this dream to appear

Can you take a moment
To stop and see it is so
There have been so many waiting
For this new dream to take hold

The foundation has been laid
And the seeds are planted in a fertile field
The building is now being done
And this is the time to believe

Let the light shines from the One
Who is the creator and the way
To come in to alignment
And bring forth the creation with Love
and a little hope and care each day

For it is all possible if you just believe
And hold the vision forth for all to see
And join with all the others who wish
To create this dream into reality

For the New Day is here and there is a magic
And it’s time has come to join together as one
Each with the talent to bring it forth
And work with joy for it to become

As a network for the ones of spirit
As a new possibility that brings a way
For those who wish to dream together
 and let it turn the dream into reality today