Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Travel Angel Ambassadors

Travel Angel Ambassadors

We are Travel angel Ambassadors
Governed by the spirit of Love and Light
sharing our aloha and wisdom
And the gifts God has given us in life

We learn from others on the path
For each have so many experiences to share
From the time spent on our life’s journey
As we’ve lived and learned so much here

There is such value we learn
in the many lessons of time
And we find we all have had familiar histories
And we all have common bonds that bind

We all have a need for love
And to find some happiness
while we are on Earth here
And all have those we care for
And challenges to overcome our fears

Yet there is this universal truth
Of which we all do share
We are one in spirit
And we are all part of  one energy here.
And we can share the blessings we have been given
For we all have some gifts we can share

And as we journey through the world
We find the need for peace is clear.
And there is a certain brotherhood we all can find
 and the need for peace for all humankind

And we work together in spirit
There are such treasures given in this space and time
And we discover the greatest gifts that are given
Is the sharing of your love divine