Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Images from Hermitage and impressions Russia


Looking out over the Neva
Through the cold and stormy skies
glimpses of the light is seen in the eyes
perhaps it’s a hidden smile,
something of the value of what is life
and what it takes a flower to bloom
and the chance to find some hope renewed

Who would hold the lamb of God
When the threat of sacrifice is so high
None but the desperate heart may know
How heart  survives and grows

Beyond the depths of darkness
I see a light that is true
In the playing of an anthem
Or the whispers of what history knew

And the torch of time does flicker
Long beyond the fear that’s here
For the spirit is so alive
And can live through much that pain can bear

And much is carried in the silence
And people find a way to be
Able to survive the control
of those who wish to hide freedoms key.

And long has art and beauty lived
in a universal language that cannot be hid
The people find what they need
To see the light and love they seek

Can one control the look in the eyes
Or the hope carried on the river of time
And the beauty so delicious and new
Speaks to the desire to be renewed

And the light finds a way to break on through
And people are people, and the truth is truth
No matter the difference and need to control
There is a torch that burns in the universal soul