Thursday, May 29, 2014

Russian Violinist

IN the extreme cold rain and wind of a Russian May
After we pass through immigration each day
There is the lone violinist playing
The American National Anthem and smiling our way

He isn’t asking for money
And most people walk quickly by
For it is so cold and rainy
We just want to get to our bus were it’s save

But he’s there each day as we leave
And as we return back to our ship
And he plays very well on his violin
And he’s playing just for us

I don’t think he speaks our language
Though I thank him for his greeting s kind
That speaks with a communication so clear
He’s honoring our coming and our country
As he plays in the cold out there

Perhaps he is from a symphony
And this is his own private way
To bridge all of the separation
Of our different roles we play

We all can appreciate the music
And the gift that he gives us for free
And there is a hope for peace
And a certain things in human nature there is a unity

When he offers the gesture of playing
 for us in the bone chilling cold out there
We begin to understand though we are from different cultures
We find people have so many things in common everywhere