Friday, May 30, 2014

beyond the beyond

When the outward and the inward merges
And there are no boundaries left in space and time
And the seeking and the findings are a lost memory
 in the dream that’s undefined

the experiences and the drama
were just illusions in which you believed
all was given and all released
and right now there is no more need

and you are just here and now
between the thought of life
and what happens when you surrender
to that ever changing gift of light

Calling you with each breath
and a certain smile of delight
of what once was and what might have been
wondering if it all was worth the fight

and what mattered most  was this jewel of  spirit
which still clings to you somehow
reminding you with some memory
of the journey home that whispers all the while

as the outward and the inward merges
And here you are with what is left
Present in the moment before the breath
Where there are no boundaries kept

Beyond the beyond of what was spent
In some energy merged in time and space
Here in this sacred presence where you are
Past the dream in this white on white place.