Monday, June 2, 2014

The Bigger Picture


When you get to the moment of assurance
That this is all ways been meant to be
And you see the bigger picture
And what that really means

When you find that you are a part
Of what is a greater plan
And you are one of the weavers of the tapestry
That can help to create the vision
That is all a way to serve our fellow humans

When all that’s left is to live it
And trust that others have the same dream
And there will be a way to be
A part of a higher scheme of things

For we are not alone here
And there is so much yet to be done
And there is much more going on
To create the bigger picture so that it can become

A magnificent work of art
And a true vision to be seen
A part of the blueprint we are given
To help all of humanity

And we can join with others
And we can work as one
To help that vision to become
And help to get bigger picture done