Saturday, May 17, 2014

What is your Song of Life

What is the Song of Life you create with your life?
What brilliant shades of the ethers
Are brought alive in each breath you take
That weave the colors of that magic robe your wear
That feed your soul in the highest realms

What most inspires you
To awaken the calling of this music so profound
That it plays over again and again
 til at last your answers are found

what Lovers of Spirit can be drawn to hear
the secret promises you expose
when you offer up to the World
these precious heavenly sounds

what drives you to the place to reach
and capture the music of the spheres
issued forth from the Creator
that you so desperately need to hear

and how do you find a way to offer your service
at the alter of the highest One
the secret key you’ve found
that opens the door to Presence so profound

what is that melody that calls to your very soul
that is your hearts true song
that you so bravely now expose
with the gifts of these heavenly sounds

and will it satisfy the hunger
and overcome your fears
When you create the anthem that we return to
when our work in life is done here

for you call forth all the Angels
and the Spirit of the Lord
who is the Director of this Symphony
that brings this gift of that music so dear.

And all we can do is Listen in Silence
And all we can do is to be in Awe
At the wonder of the exquisite beauty
And the Power of the Creator behind it all