Friday, May 16, 2014

Our Relationship with God

Our relationship with God is perhaps the most intimate relationship
We can possibly have.
For God is alive there deep within us.
God is there in in every breath we take
God is the living energy that blesses us
With unconditional love that accepts us
and forgives all of our mistakes we make.

How is this possible? How can it be so?
We might not even wish this power to be known
because we might not want to reveal what’s in our souls.
Yet if we turn away from God
we turn away from the love we need to find
how to live our live and learn
 what we need to accomplish our goals.

And if we are to Serve the Master
we’re told, and I believe this is true
Then we really must learn to love others as He did
And see the Good within their souls too.

For it’s pretty easy to love God
For he gives us each breath of life
Yet when life brings us challenges
It seems we always question if God is right.

Yet this is our playing field that we created to share
And God was never meant to be the one
Who referees what we built to learn from here.

So we seek the spirit to give us courage and Faith
And we seek love and understanding
To do the best we can do in this life

And though it may be hard to let the ego go
There are such rewards when we serve love
And use forgiveness to learn and grow.

And we can always remember
Those words that were said so long ago
“I am there with you til the end of time”
and I’m sure glad s that was promise made
so I can embrace that love given
when I go inside and to find
the comfort, peace and love and light inside