Thursday, May 15, 2014

Carry on

Let the Lord give you comfort
When the heart is heavy and you are sad
And let the Master give you strength
When you are in need and things might look bad

For the Lord is your Shepherd
And you never walk alone
When you are on this path you follow
There are angels and guides to call upon

It may not be always possible
to walk in the bright light of day
for there are many hills and valleys
you have to traverse everyday

Always keep your head up
And keep your heart open and look to the light
And let love come to you
and you’ll  find a way to make things right

Hold steady with your dreams
And don’t give up and just know
Things may take some time
to find  the best follow and go

Breathe a breath of light
Breathe a breath of love
Carry on and remember
you can call on me I’m there in your soul

Count your blessings you have received
Smile a little smile and believe
You’ll learn what you need to learn
and in time you’ll find you’ll grow

for now just carry on
and be grateful for the blessings you’ve received
so have faith and please believe
in time you’ll  reach your goal