Wednesday, May 14, 2014

we are One

We are One

We are all one is Spirit
Each expressing our dreams
With Tools we are given to grow
And we are here  to grow and  learn

All seeker, dreamers, lovers and believers
given a chance to live in a world we know
A world full of others who might not think as we do
who may not understand our inner truth

We’re learning and acting the part that we play
With roles that we each must embrace as our way
With a passion and energy of some kind of love
That we can use the best we may

We can work together to serve with Good will
And use the power of love and light us each day
And let the force of the power of Peace
Be the way we dedicate our lives to be

Able to understand and forgive our differences
And find a way to join with the higher power
And remember our promise to serve
And so that we can live and learn

By letting the soul be in control
Of the outer form of our life
And remembering we all have a greater purpose
To serve and together in Spirit’s Light