Tuesday, May 13, 2014

the Power of the Universe

the Power of the Universe  is Alive

The Power of the Universe
is alive right there within you
and you can call upon this energy
to create what your soul asks you to do

And we can all tune in to this precious presence
creation has bestowed upon us
for we co-creator and we can us energy of light
And let it’s Divine radiance fill our life

We are windows to this one great Power
 with the sun that is shining through
And the colors of the rainbow lead us to see
A hint of a greater realm that blesses and renews

For there is this living power
Of infinite light and love
And we can  be present to be
renewed with a greater purpose that we see

And yes, there is Kindness and compassion
That asks us to please be
Aware that there are so many others
Alive in various levels of life’s dream

And we are all awakening
and opening up the window to receive
with the souls gift that pour in upon us
and bless us with this new energy

and so we say yes to that Power
and to this precious gift of love and light
and we say thank you to the Master
who brought us to this portal of creation in our life