Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nurture yourself

Nurture yourself!!

The Healing Presence of the Mother came to me
With a message that said so clearly to me
Nurture yourself beloved, Bathe in the blessings of beauty
That God’s creation brings forth for you to see

Breathe in the radiant rays of light from the one
The source of all creation is such a Miracle
And is your Divine inheritance
And is the place from which you come

Dive into the pool of joy that is from source
And feel pure goodness surround you
And allow this presence bring blessings of love
Which holds such a healing force

Nurture yourself beloved
In this love that is unconditional and free
For this is the goodness that is given to you
And what God wants you to feel

The Grace of the Mother’s smile
Which will lift your heart
With the wonder of the Miracle of life
Of which you are such a precious part

 So Feel Nurtured
Receive these Divine blessings and know
There is unlimited Good that is given freely
 And it is waiting for you right there within your soul