Monday, June 23, 2014

the Sacred space within

In the quiet place of just being
In that sacred spot within
I hear a voice that has no sound
Yet whispers Hush, Let peace begin

I feel the subtle touch of Spirit
Come and welcome me
With that intimate knowing of the presence
That always lets me be

There is a waiting of the master
And I am humbled and in awe
Of the Blessings that are given
When we allow that love into our heart

How precious is the time that’s spent
In the quiet before the dawn
These moments that feed my heart and soul
And guide me ever on

I am oh so grateful
For this  sacred space where I am blessed
To be with the angels and the masters
In the light of the presence where I am met
                      There are answers to the questions
And such peace of Mind
When connected to the soul
There are such gifts there you can find.