Sunday, June 29, 2014

Prayers sent by heaven

Prayers Sent by Heaven

There are these Prayers sent by Heaven
And the angels who watch over you
with light that will heal
and give you the strength you need to renew

The Prayers sent by Heaven
Are there to receive
With Blessings so true
If you can just be open and believe

So be still beloved
And take a few deep breaths
And let the blessings of Heaven be
So you can share them with those in need

These messages that come
On the wings of a dove
Are there to inspire you
With the Masters great love

Let that love light guide you
And all that you do
And bring you comfort
That will always get you through

For Spirit speaks in so many ways
And you know this is true
That is why we connect everyday

There are lessons and guidance
There waiting for you
So don’t hold back or stop what you do
Have faith and allow the energy to continue

There are prayers sent by heaven
So open up to your soul and receive
The blessings that are waiting there
And Spirit will talk in so many ways to you