Monday, June 30, 2014

Mystic traveller

For Paul Horn who passed on yesterday
Ah, the Spirit of a mystic traveller is now free
To play the holy sounds of the higher realms
With vibrations that bring in a greater reality

He is the Instrument God plays with a Breath of light
With such Shimmering rays of energy
Which are echoed here in our hearts

And there are master musicians
And there are spiritual travelers who explore
And they are ever there to guide us on
When we cross to the other shore

With a song so sweet and full of love
That it opens up our souls
And lets the music of the spheres
Come so we may be blessed to know

There is a journey that we are all on
And we can celebrate it and be
In the presence of the dancing joyful Music
That lift us up to the heavens and eternity

And the memory lives on here
With the sounds that he so soulfully played
For he was a mystic traveller
And there are so many gifts of songs he gave

And now a mystic traveller is passing on to eternity
To play in the higher realms of paradise
A spirit in the halls of the holy ones he is free