Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It is time

Emerge and Embody

It is time!
To emerge from that cocoon and spread your wings and  fly
And become the one who embodies
The light and love Divine

It is time!
To be a warrior of God’s way
To be fearless and strong , Yet so gentle and kind
For the Master guidance is with you
And you can call on him at any time

It is time!
To give the gifts given to those who seek
For they were always meant to be shared
And as you now become who your are
in this giving you are complete

Realize the past has laid the foundation
And now you can finally build
a lighthouse to shine forth to the world
with God’s blessings of art, music and words.

Believe in who you really are
And open your heart to embrace
For the love that God has given you
Will guide you in this time and space.

Feel the Power of Yes
Ring forth through your soul
Be the Yes, and always believe
And let God be in control

For it is time Beloved
And you will finally know
How to Emerge and Embody
The way is open to let God’s Love show