Thursday, July 3, 2014

Chariot of Angels

A flock of Flame lit Birds flew from Heaven
And Formed a Chariot of Gold
As they flew through an opening in the sky
To reach this earthly plane below

the beauty of creations gift is so glorious to behold
Seen as a Heavenly Vehicle came into vision
As the world merged as one energy great field
 made in the Masters perfect mold

Awake! I heard the calling at dawning of the new day
The Chariot of light is waiting to for us embrace
and the Guardian angels holds beyond this time and space

There is a vision of the higher realms there
And we see it sometimes on Earth
In the light of the Master smile
Reflected in with the gift of our Rebirth

And we can be transformed
If we have the Courage to just let go
And let that golden Chariot of Fire
Carry us on to the energy of our Soul

And this amazing gift of grace
Comes and set us free
When we discover God’s great love
That lifts us to eternity