Friday, July 4, 2014

Reflection on Peace

The past is done,
the mystic memories not quite spent
the towers have fallen
yet still here we remain

With the light of spirit clearing the way
And we emerge past our fears
To discover all the differences in time disappear

And it is One world
It is one dream
It is all part of Creation’s Mystery
Variations of the Masters theme

And we are the audience
to play them back in rainbow colors seen here
in our perceptions and visions appear
and this earthly plane that is our home
is just a temporary landing place
from which we can learn from

and all of thousands of years of history
have taught us a just few things
as we live and love and spend out time
trying to make a living

and the one lesson we still can’t quite get
is how to be at one with Peace
on this strange blue planet

and we know it is finally time
to understand how to live together
with love, light and peace
if we wish really  wish to survive