Saturday, July 5, 2014

Spirit comes

clouds come to capture
reflections of the promises of the new Dawn
with unspoken words that caress my heart
with incendiary colors that explode here in song

I see spirit dressed as the invisible creator
that calls so sweetly to my soul
and I am but a shadow
that mirrors the passage of time

never quite able to capture these expressions of beauty
never quite believing
that I am the gift of the breath of Life
the one to secretly merge with love

So I may hold eternity in my prayers
For all those lost in the dream
may see this passing light
that proves that God’s presence here

and those who want to know the secrets
see these trappings of the shadows
see these clues the Lord leaves behind
crumbs to eat from the bread of his true light body

that long ago become the beacon beyond
laughing at the efforts to kill
that which can never die

and the merging with God still beckons
as the clouds pass to the Son
who reaches us with whispers of hope
that promise us the universe
as we drop the pain of the cross and reach the one.