Sunday, July 6, 2014

the wonder of it all

What is the fire that lights these stars
That reach us across the universe
And asks us to see and believe
That we can wish on them
and yes, our dreams can be

Against all odds we are here
And with the miracle of life
We can be in touch with our souls
And find the spirit that is always near

Can the light from that distant star
See our light that is so small
Or is that same energy behind it
Present in us all

The creative power of the source of life
Is such a wonder to behold
and the power of love
that takes a lifetime to unfold

right there in the Fire behind my soul
This great love that is given to me
That holds us with such compassion
As we journey through eternity

All the blessings we are given to see
can just go unnoticed
As we lead our busy lives
Will sometimes stop us in our tracks
               And allow us to experience God’s great mysteries