Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Show Up

Longtime Maui Musician and Blues singer Bobby Ingram transitioned last week, I wrote this for him.
Show up in a new realm
Just be present and you’ll find
and it took a lifetime to get here
And you have paid the price

Show up and take a deep breath
For in the light of the new day
There is a celebration waiting
And you’ll find love has a better way.

You can lay down those burdens
And release all stress it seemed to take
To just get to this moment
to realize  how beautiful is this your resting place

The time has finally come
And the drama of the play is done
And there is a curtain call waiting
And then you can move on

Just show up and be counted
And raise your hands up to the sky
The hard work has been done
And it is time for you to smile so bright

A higher realm is waiting
And the soul always can survive
And there is moment of reflection
And then you can spread your wings and fly.

And we will miss you
And what you brought
Yet sometimes you know
the encore is the best part

and you’ll show up in our memory
and though you won’t play for us this time
you certainly will be there in spirit
with that smile you brought to our hearts